Virtual Meetings For Every Meeting Type

The world has changed, so has our view of business and office space. More and more companies are announcing that their employees will be working virtually for more extensive amounts of time or even forever. Yesterday, Google announced that all full-time employees will be working virtually until at least the summer of 2021. Our offices look different and so do our meetings. To make the virtual office experience effective, we need various options for meetings as there is no one-size-fits-all model. Thankfully, in addition to announcing Together Mode, Microsoft announced a variety of other Teams meeting options to fulfill all your virtual meeting needs.


Do you have a meeting with more than 10 participants where “Together Mode” is not a comfortable feel?

Now with Large Gallery View, on Microsoft Teams you may view up to 49 participants in a grid, as well as Together Mode. These two options open the door to choices for large meetings on Microsoft Teams.

Gallery view


Many times in virtual and in-person meetings there becomes the need to table discussions for later. Now you can break out from the original meeting into a virtual meeting and return as soon as your ready.

The Virtual Breakout Room feature allows the meeting host to create the ability to take a conversation “offline” during the actual meeting. These smaller discussion groups can hop into these virtual breakout rooms during the meeting and then be called back into the larger meeting to report back on their discussions and conclusions.


Breakout Room


A problematic aspect of virtual meetings is the challenge to read non-verbal cues and participant reactions. Microsoft Teams has announced a new feature called Live Reactions.

Live Reactions allows participants to react during a meeting without interrupting the meeting flow. Through Live Reactions, participants can emulate smiles, head nods, and other non-verbal cues through emojis. The emojis will appear to all meeting participants and gives the presenter instant feedback on how the audience is gauging the information.


Live Reaction

The new Microsoft Teams meeting tools allow for even more effective virtual meeting experiences. As virtual working becomes the new normal in the workforce, the already all-encompassing Microsoft 365 stack is proving to be the right platform for most offices. Call the Pendello Solutions Team today for more information on the Microsoft 365 stack and how it can benefit your business.

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