Top 5 Take-Aways from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite, the infamous Microsoft Conference which gathers over 30,000 attendees and announces incredible news. Ignite was held once again in Orlando, Florida and the report again did not disappoint. There was so much news that all press received a 27-page booklet detailing all announcements. Although all announcements were exciting in their own right, there were a few that really tickled our fancy, and we hope they get you jumping for joy as well.


Microsoft is trying hard to get rid of passwords.

Passwords are a pain, and honestly, do not provide the highest level of security. Many companies are pushing their employees towards second-factor authentication to keep vital data safe. Last week, Microsoft announced that businesses who use Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) will now be able to utilize the Microsoft Authenticator app on Android and iOS (Apple) instead of using passwords to log in to their business applications. This means one step, just a tap on your phone, without compromising security.

Windows 10 is available in the cloud.

With more and more employees working remotely, Microsoft is now offering full Windows 10 desktops anywhere you can access the cloud. This means no matter where you are or what desktop/laptop you are operating, through this virtualized solution, you can have a complete Windows 10 desktop with all the fantastic apps that you are already familiar.

Surface Hub 2

This announcement will have us anxiously waiting as the new 50-inch whiteboard, touchscreen displays of Surface Hub 2 won’t be released until Q2 of 2019 and an even more impressive version in 2020. The new Surface Hub 2 will be lighter and thinner, and the 2020 version will include features like tilting and rotation.

Teams get an awesome update

Teams have proven to be an immense competitor of Slack especially with businesses who are already on board with Microsoft’s productivity applications. Thus, Teams is continuing this competitive trend and has added some new updates. Teams now can automatically create transcripts of your meetings helping everyone engage even more thoroughly. Additionally, Teams will now give the option to blur the background when you are in a video meeting. This can help alleviate the anxiety of others seeing your messy office.

Files on Demand for Mac

Many businesses use OneDrive. It is an excellent in-cloud storage system although up until now if you use Mac, your files probably have not correctly synced to the cloud. Now with “Files On-Demand” you’ll still be able to see all of your files although unless you select it to be on your computer indefinitely, you’ll be accessing files as online-only files which saves a great deal of space on your computer and also allows you to access these files anywhere you have a secure internet connection.


We at Pendello love new technology and even more so technology that is integrating to make our lives more efficient. Microsoft definitely did not disappoint with another successful Ignite conference. To better utilize these new announcements and updates, contact our expert team at Pendello Solutions. Our team will solidify how these announcements and additional Microsoft updates can assist you and make your work-life more efficient.


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