Today's Guide to an At-Home Meeting

Yesterday began a new trial as now entire families are now at home attempting to work, learn, and do their best to stay sane. Challenging is an understatement to describe what our country and the entire world is currently dealing with. So we wanted to take a little time and let you in on a couple of new tools that may help your new "normal" workday function a bit better. As you are attempting to conduct meetings out of a home that resembles a 3-ring circus, these tools can hopefully bring a bit more professionalism to your remote office.


Leave it to Microsoft to lend us the ultimate helping hand and give us the tools to hide what is really happening in our home "offices." Introducing Microsoft Teams Customized Backgrounds and Real-Time Noise Suppression. No magic is required here to make the pile of toys behind your desk disappear. With a click of a button, you and eliminate the distractions for your meeting attendees. You can improve company branding by using your company logo in the background or even make it serene with the image of the ocean behind you. You are in charge of the environment and can choose what best suits each meeting. Welcome fewer distractions and more focus.


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Speaking of fewer distractions and more focus, how about being able to filter out background noise from your meeting. This could be your children squabbling, your dog barking at the Amazon delivery person, or even an aggressively loud keyboard all filtered out without having to mute someone on a call. Microsoft Teams, with the use of AI, can decipher the difference between your voice and any other noise that is happening during a meeting and filter out the unnecessary noise. This allows for fewer distractions and, again, more focus!


We are all treading up uncharted waters, but hopefully, with these new tools from Microsoft, we can make our work-lives a bit more reasonable. For more questions on these tools or how else we can help you keep your business running smoothly and securely during these crazy times, contact our Pendello Solutions team today. Our team is working tirelessly to help your business operate at its full potential from a completely new environment. We are wishing everyone the best of luck with this adventure. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay home.

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