Three Security Actions Every CEO Should Take

Unless you have been living entirely off the grid for the past few years, you are aware of the risks associated with cybersecurity. Although still today, many think, “it won’t happen to me.” Unfortunately, cybercriminals do not discriminate. They do not care what industry your business is or even the size. Cybercriminals know that a breach of a small company can still lead to a payout. With so much uncertainty in our world, the payout from an attack will be worth it to them, whether it is data or ransom. CEOs need to take the “when,” not “if” approach when it comes to cybersecurity awareness and make it a consistent priority. Let’s take a look at three essential steps every CEO should take.



  1. Increase the Security IQ of Every Employee

 Ensuring a culture of security throughout the organization is essential and should cover every employee, whatever their role, and extend to business partners. Train them, test them on their level of awareness and follow up with phishing exercises to see how well they respond to threats.


  1. Prepare to Respond Faster

 Always assume a breach has occurred or will occur. Being unaware of a breach does not mean one hasn’t taken place. Today’s attackers are skilled and crafty. They will use any means available to get past defenses, so prevention alone is not enough. All organizations need to prepare to respond as quickly as possible. Plan, practice, and make sure the right security tools are in place.


  1. Leverage Security Intelligence

 Given the number of threats every organization faces, manually sifting through data related to millions of events in an extensive enterprise network is a thankless task. Security is a big data problem. Applying significant data analytics capabilities makes the task much more manageable, enabling organizations to sift through and analyze reams of data to gain actionable insight into what it means to the organization’s security posture. This way, more meaningful remediation decisions can be made.


To learn more about putting these essential steps into action, reach out to your Pendello Solutions Team today. Our team is here and ready to assist your business to prepare the steps to be cybersecurity aware and ready!


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