Still Experiencing "Zoom Fatigue?"

A little over a year ago, we started hearing the term "Zoom Fatigue," that referenced the extreme exhaustion from virtual meetings.  Many of us are still using virtual meetings reasonably consistently, and I can guess that all of us are tired of seeing our own faces during these calls. Not only is it exhausting and extremely distracting watching your own face throughout a meeting, but many times, we look very unnatural because of the orientation of our eyes since it is challenging not to watch ourselves. Luckily, Microsoft has an answer.

There was a period when some thought the solution was not to connect your video feed to the call but unfortunately, that did not work either. Not only did it make it awkward for those who were in fact sharing their video feed, but it also gave the impression that you weren’t truly engaged or connected to the meeting. This concept quickly became a virtual meeting faux pas. The soon to be released feature within Microsoft Teams will aid in providing more focused, less distracted virtual meetings and calls.

Teams video own feed_LI

The Microsoft Teams application is used by over 250 million users each month. So, it only seems fitting that this leader is stepping up to fix this odd experience for all virtual calls and meetings within the app. Currently, your video feed is visible to you in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen while attending a call or meeting. When enabled, this new feature will allow you to hide your own video feed completely from your screen while still allowing it to be seen by other meeting/call participants.

To learn more about this new feature from Microsoft Teams, reach out to your Pendello Solutions team today. Our team is equipped to help your office provide the best meeting experiences for your team and your clients.