Small Business Technology ABC’s

The must-have technologies for a successful small business

For anyone who has ever started a business, you know just how challenging the process can be. Many times, the concept of owning your own business is hugely glamorized. Many dream of having a beautiful office, making your own hours and instantly finding great success with the launch of your idea or product. What people do not think about is the day-to-day grind that can quickly flip a small business to no-business. Which is why over 50% of small businesses do not make it more than 5 years. Below are three technology musts to help make the day-to-day world of small business as efficient as possible.

A: Awareness of Security

Security is imperative in today’s business. Everyone is at risk no matter the size or relevancy of the company. Did you know that the massive Target security breach of 2014 was initiated through one of Target’s refrigeration contractors?

You don’t want this to be you. The best way to keep your company safe is through education. The more you and your employees are aware of what can open you up to attacks, the safer you are. You and your employees are the last lines of defense. It doesn’t matter how secure your network is or how encrypted your data is if your employees are unaware of how these breaches can happen. Everyone must have security as a top priority. There luckily is a new technology that offers specialized security training to keep everyone, no matter their position, as up-to-date and educated on how easily a breach of data can happen and how to easily avoid being a victim.

B: Better Organized Data

How do you best organize your data? Within a small business, the magnitude of this job can be incredibly overwhelming! That is why we recommend using Customer Relationship Management Software, known as CRM Software. This incredible technology serves as a platform that offers you a robust database containing your company’s vital information. This lifeline can include customers, vendors, employees, partners, and suppliers with capabilities for real-time dashboards, forecasts, schedules, customers support tickets and much more. This software is like multiple employees all rolled into one neat little software application.

C: Communication

Communication is essential in business. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your employees, groups of customers, leads and partners. This communication is the key to creating your brand which is vital to your growth. The tools that offer the ability to stay in constant contact with the rest of the world in a customized voice for each and every touch is vital to growing your brand and continuing on for the quest of success.




This technology trifecta is essential to success although there are a variety of routes to get you here. Contact our team at Pendello Solutions and let them customize the perfect combination of ABC’s to solidify your road to success. Our experts know that it is not a one-size fits all world and will make sure your combination fits you like a glove.


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