Security Awareness Training: What is it?


Cybercriminals are continually updating their methods and tactics to sabotage people effectively and unfortunately, technology alone most likely will not keep you safe. Employee error is the cause of 95% of security breaches. Without proper training, your employees are the weakest link to your business’s security defense. How do you make sure that your business hasn’t already been compromised and that your employees are your most reliable link of defense? This is the point where security awareness training comes in to play. Pendello Solutions offers Security Awareness Training alongside Dark Web Assessments to put your business and your employees in an empowering, proactive state. 

The Pendello Solutions Security Awareness Training includes weekly engaging training content to educate your employees on the risks of cybercrimes. The training consists of how to spot and avoid phishing, phone, and social media scams alongside the newest scams that cybercriminals are using to target businesses just like yours. The more your employees know about how these smart criminals get through the cracks, the more versed they will be in knowing what to look for and when to be leery. Having educated employees on the potential risk will strengthen your first line of security defense. Also, the training will inform all employees of policies to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to how to manage the risk of ransomware and potential phishing attempts. 

The Dark web, due to its anonymity, is where cybercriminals buy and sell your information. Our Dark Web Assessment will allow our Pendello team to evaluate potentially dangerous exposures that may be exposing your business. It also can identify already breached credentials which may be putting your company at risk.  

Another important part of security awareness and training are phishing simulations. Within these assessments, our team can send out very realistic “phishing” scams, which can test your employees’ mindfulness without actually putting your business at risk. Each simulation will give the company a better idea of which employees are more mindful at spotting a potential threat. Also, anyone who clicks on an unsuspected link will be informed that they have been “phished,” allowing them to see how easy it can be to be scammed. 

Contact our Pendello team of business technology associates today and let us help you decipher your current security threat, implement weekly security training, and help train your team through sporadic phishing simulations. Our comprehensive program will help develop your team of employees into your strongest line of security defense.