Pendello’s Shocking Discoveries: A Series of Very Cool IoT Devices Designed for Businesses

This month Pendello Solutions is going to take a closer look at the Internet of Things (IoT) designed with businesses in mind. There are a plethora of IoT devices, but most of the well-known devices and intended for personal use in the home. Here at Pendello Solutions, business technology is our business, and we thought many of you might want to learn a bit more about how IoT is shaping the business world.

This week’s edition: ProGlove Smart Glove




ProGlove is a Munich-based company which was founded in 2014 by a group of German engineers who are former BMW and IDEO employees. ProGlove is a unique company that has developed the first smart gloves for manufacturing workers. These ergonomic gloves allow industrial workers to work more safely and efficiently. The ProGlove enables processes to be documented in real-time all while completing a job as it has gesture sensing. The ProGlove also gives the user instant feedback while being able to work and scan at the same time for quality control. This glove has already been very successful in the European market and across a wide range of industries including, automotive, aerospace, furniture logistics, retail, and e-commerce. Although this incredible device has primarily been in Europe, it is making its entrance here in the states. The idea is that whatever actions your hands complete it is connecting this movement with the knowledge of best and safest practices, documentation abilities and quality control all without any additional work for the user. Talk about a time and money saver for the manufacturing industry, this hits the bullseye!

Along-side all talk of IoTs comes the discussion of security. So, if you have any questions about this device, other IoT devices or how to avoid the risks that can be associated with IoT devices, contact the Pendello Solutions team of Business Technology Associates. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to keep your data as safe as possible.