Multifactor Authentication: What type is best?

In regards to Multifactor Authentication, the question should not be if but instead what kind. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is vital to the security of your network. As Brian Sherman from Valeo was quoted, “Weaker MFA is better than no MFA.” However, if you can protect your data more thoroughly, then why wouldn’t you? Let’s take a look at the forms of MFA and how they will help keep your data safe.

Just as NIST began recommending in 2016, Mircosoft is currently urging companies to transition away from sending one-time passwords over SMS and PSTN networks as their MFA method. It has been proven that this method contains some risk. Hackers can intercept these passwords and use these one-time passwords to infiltrate or completely take control of an account. In addition, using SMS and PSTN for MFA increases the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks. Although this is a valid form of MFA, one-time passwords over SMS and PSTN networks are the least secure MFA method. Why put yourself at more risk than is necessary?

In contrast, to partially secure, the Pendello Solutions Team and many other security experts prefer taking our security very seriously. App-based authentication with encryption is the best method of MFA. The biggest and the best have made the switch, including Google’s switch this past July. Google has seen a massive increase in security post the transition to app-based MFA. There is a variety of app-based MFAs. Although the very top choice from our experience is Microsoft Authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator uses encrypted communication to verify users and even offers app lock, which provides the ability to hide notifications from your lock screen and sign-in history. Microsoft Authenticaror takes the security of MFA to an entirely new level.

If you’re looking for the filet mignon of MFA and are not willing to settle for a ground beef patty, then you need to demand an app-based MFA. Reach out to our Pendello Solutions team today and let us share our experience with your business. We will help you find your best MFA solution and lead you to a more secure business environment.