Mobile Security Threat

Verizon recently released their 2021 Mobile Security Index report, and in it, they summarized their research findings by looking at 856 IT professionals. These people buy, secure, and manage the mobile and internet of things (IoT) devices for their companies.

In a year of firsts and unexpected experiences, what did they find?

The majority of us aren't doing what needs to be done to secure our personal and professional information. 45% of people believe that their companies were rushed to mobilize remotely, and therefore have had to sacrifice security to "get the job done." And while remote working was at one point a necessity, now it is being evaluated as a permanent solution for many companies.

As we have discussed before, this new virtual business environment meant ample opportunity for hackers to take advantage of our uncertainty. Mobile phones became a primary way of communicating for many remote workers. Unfortunately, we rarely think of the security risks of mobile devices, including our phones, smartwatches, and other smart devices that are now being used in business situations.  

It isn't that you aren't trying to be diligent at all times, but your guard may be down as you use mobile devices. Besides, it is much more challenging to verify a website by hovering over the link when you're viewing it on your watch. In addition, the likelihood that we are logging in and out of our phones is not high. Instead, we allow all of our applications to run all the time in the background of our devices. In fact, one in five companies that were surveyed stated that that cybercriminals compromised their mobile-device security. Two-thirds acknowledged an increase in risks over the past year, and we can only expect these numbers to rise as the remote workforce numbers increase.

We need to take action to remedy the way we think about mobile cybersecurity. Phishing attempts increased dramatically in 2020, so start with ensuring that you create awareness around this type of attack. Reach out to your Pendello Solutions Team today and let us help you create the "right" training to develop a solid front line of defense. The threat is there, it isn't going away, and we need to collectively work to make the "new normal" safer every day.


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