Honeycrisp vs McIntosh; Finally, an Apple to Apple Comparison

An In-depth look at Business Grade vs. Consumer Grade Computers

We finally have a true comparison. As many like to say, it is apples to apples here people! But, unless you have opened up a business grade computer and compared the insides to a consumer grade, you’re probably thinking; what is the difference? It is accurate that at first glance, the two computers can look almost identical. But, what you don’t see can make a world of difference, especially in an office setting. Let’s break down the differences.

The initial differences are the ports, and I’m not talking an after-dinner drink. There are very few cases when you need a VGA port while sitting at your home office but there are still many occasions that it is necessary in an office environment. This is why most business grade computers have not 86’d these classic inputs unlike the consumer grade computers.

Next, are the warranties. A typical consumer-grade computer, like one you might find at Best Buy, typically holds a three-year warranty. Once this warranty has expired the parts and services associated with this model basically get tossed in the dumpster. Businesses on the other hand, typically keep these computers long past the warranties even though their IT department advices a change. The manufacturers are very aware of this and so keep the parts and maintain support for these models long past the expiration dates.

While on the subject of the service associated with business-grade computers, let’s touch on how this can be maintained differently in comparison to consumer-grade machines. First, they are built differently, the exterior is typically not as slim and is much more durable. Additionally, the interior parts are installed in more easily accessible locations so that when something does need to be replaced or upgraded, it can be done with a typical Philips head screwdriver at a very rapid rate; getting you the customer, back up and working even faster. A consumer-grade machine needs to be accessed with a specific key-like tool and more often than not, all parts need to be removed to repair one minimal part; meaning longer without your machine if, it is even repairable at all.

If you want the largest, most vivid screen with the newest gadgets, the consumer computer might be for you. But if you want the most longevity and most business components, spend the extra dough and get something that is going to last. To explore these options and to get an expert’s opinion on what your business needs, contact the business technology experts at Pendello Solutions. They will make sure your business needs are covered in the most effective, efficient and secure fashion.