Apple Products on the Horizon

September has traditionally been the month when Apple releases the new iPhone and many other exciting technologies. As we near the month of September, it seems irresponsible to not discuss Apple’s rumored announcements. We have seen hints about a new Apple Watch, a more cost effective iPad and high-end headphones.

The Apple Watch is already a hit. It is one of the top-selling smartwatches on the market, although, in true Apple fashion, there is always room to improve. The new Apple Watch 6 is sure to impress as the rumored new features and enhancements are very exciting.


Apple Watch


  • Even though the current Apple Watch is already water-resistant, the next is supposed to be better. There is talk that the Apple Watch 6 may have scuba diving and water-skiing possibilities. It may also have a longer battery life, anxiety monitoring, sleep tracking, and upgraded log-in security. Needless to say, we are excited to see what enhancements will be included and hope that we get to view them next month.


Baseline iPad


  • Just in time for school to start, or in some cases, not start, Apple is supposedly going to launch an even bigger baseline iPad starting around $329. It will hopefully also have a faster charger and a laminated screen.




  • One final product we have heard Apple may be releasing is high-end over the ear headphones with magnetic, customizable ear and head pads. These new “Beats-like” headphones are rumored to have Active Noise-canceling capabilities and transparency mode, which would allow the listener to choose if they do or do not want to hear what is going on around them. These new headphones supposedly will have a higher sound quality than the AirPods or even the AirPods pro, have head and neck sensors which will pause the music when removed from the head and are rumored to start at $349.


For Apple lovers, September is the month we all eagerly await. Historically, we have seen Apple’s major product announcements surrounding the new iPhone release. We hope that this year is like years past, although worry that due to the COVID pandemic, manufacturing could be delayed causing a delay in the announcements. We know that whenever the new Apple product announcements do materialize, we will again be wowed by their technological advancements.

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