why choose Pendello Solutions

Pendello Solutions is more than just an IT support firm. We offer proactive technology solutions to help your business drive growth and improve efficiencies. Our goal is to make your company more profitable through the use of technology.

Our mission is to remove obstacles, inefficiencies, and frustrations to enrich the companies and lives of our clients through business technology.

Our IT solutions provide value to your business by helping you:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Focus on your core business objectives
  • Quit wasting money on inefficient equipment and processes
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Streamline operations
  • Maximize security

The Pendello Difference

At Pendello, supporting our clients means providing not only the latest business technology, but also the business processes and expertise to leverage that technology, helping companies exceed their estimated potential. We don’t just fix IT problems; we provide real solutions.

When you partner with Pendello, you get far more than an IT support provider. You get a proactive business partner who is committed to improving your technology, processes, and overall business operations. You get IT experts focused on delivering outstanding, proactive service. Pendello is the only Kansas City-area technology provider that:

Pendello Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with any of our services, we’ll provide a full refund.
Pendello Takes the time to understand your business operations and makes recommendations on where technology will help. We all have business backgrounds. We want your business to succeed and grow as much as you do.
Pendello Provides complete transparency. We won’t hide anything from you, and we aren’t afraid to have hard conversations about how your technology impacts your ROI.
Pendello Provides special security offerings — including a cyber security expert who is available to make sure our clients are safe from a policy perspective. We know about local security issues before anyone else.

What does Pendello mean to us?

Two Latin words — pendo, meaning value or consideration, and compello, meaning sustainability and support — captured our vision, because, when combined, Pendello signifies “toward better things.” This description defines our IT solutions company and the results we produce for our clients.

Pendello also means empowering our team members and supporting our communities to move toward better things…

  • Toward better business technology
  • Toward better business
  • Toward better communities
  • Toward better lives

Contact Pendello Solutions today to see how our IT company can help move you and your business toward better things.

Technology is only as good as the imagination of business leaders who make technology do what they need it to do.

-Faisal Hoque, The Power of Convergence