IT Risk Assessment and Planning Services

Prepare your organization for growth and development with our IT planning services


A comprehensive business technology plan is paramount to ensuring that your organization is prepared for future growth. Your in-house IT staff are often too busy fixing today’s issues to think about your future business needs. IT risk assessment and planning services from Pendello Solutions help you evaluate your needs and look at your technology differently — it’s not just for getting you through the day, it’s about making an investment in your company’s growth and development.

Our IT assessment and planning services are designed to ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the business technology supporting your organization, and a strategic IT risk assessment plan that is aligned with your business’s strategic goals, objectives, and budget.

Our team of IT experts will work with you to:

  • Assess your internal policies, practices, and currently technology
  • Identify your business technology goals
  • Create a technology plan that prioritizes improvements in phases so your technology can grow with your company
  • Identify critical risks in your current business systems
  • Review hardware and data fault-tolerance strategies
  • Provide recommendations for efficiency improvements and cost-reduction strategies
  • Identify the security certificates and policies necessary to keep your business protected
  • Prepare an end-of-life equipment upgrade and replacement plan
  • Develop and implement a scheduled maintenance program
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan

Don’t wait until you find your business operations stymied by outdated equipment and processes. We’ll help you create a functional business technology plan that will allow your organization to manage technology costs while improving efficiency.


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