Proactive, comprehensive IT managed services

Is your IT staff having to do things they weren’t hired to do? Between servers, operating systems, virtualization, hardware, software, users workstations, remote logins, conferencing, cloud, and backups — plus monitoring, helpdesk, and troubleshooting — it’s impossible for one person or even a small team to stay on top of everything, let alone devise proactive solutions for your company’s growth and business technology expansion.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You submit help tickets to your current IT provider but you don’t receive a response.
  • You know your business could be making better use of technology, but your systems are pieced together without any real strategy.
  • Your technology has not grown as your business has grown, and you’re trying to make do with outdated or inefficient equipment and processes.
  • You have staff who are off-site or mobile and need technology that adapts to their needs.
  • You’re paying IT vendors to fix issues, but no one is consulting with you and you’re still having problems.
  • Your IT staff feels like they can never take a vacation because of the sheer volume of responsibilities they manage or projects on the radar.

Get reliable, responsive IT management and support

Pendello’s Active Maintenance Program provides you with the staff augmentation you need so that your IT personnel can focus on the mission critical objectives they need to deliver. We’ll help you plan for your business technology future, ensure reliable operations, and anticipate and prevent business interruptions. We won’t just fix your server when it breaks; we’ll identify how faulty business systems are impacting your business and help you develop a more efficient and profitable solution. We’ll take a hard look at your current processes and identify issues that we don’t even have a ticket for — before they become problems that are detrimental to your business’s productivity and profits.

Our team of IT experts provides complete, proactive business systems management, including:

  • Rapid response times and issue resolution
  • Complete IT vendor management
  • Space-saving and energy-reducing virtualization solutions
  • Up-to-date security protocols that will keep your business and your data safe

Our active maintenance program

Our Active Maintenance Program process

Our managed services process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current technology, vendor relationships, business technology challenges, and expenditures. From there, our team of IT experts creates a unique IT management plan that ensures that your technology is secure, diligently monitored, and properly maintained.

During the first three months of services, we will create a unique onboarding plan, develop comprehensive documentation for your business systems, and schedule a Service-Ready review to ensure that your business objectives are being met.

What you can expect from our Active Maintenance Program:

  • Full visibility to your tickets
  • Accessible and responsive support from our team of IT experts
  • Peace of mind knowing that your critical systems are vigilantly monitored 24/7/365
  • Our 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Predictable IT costs
  • Increased productivity resulting from less downtime and system maintenance
  • Comprehensive reporting to help you analyze your ROI

Let our Active Maintenance Program work for you

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