Cloud services

Improve collaboration and increase efficiency with cloud services

Cloud services from Pendello Solutions provide powerful tools for collaboration and productivity that allow you to improve business communications and enhance your everyday processes — without the worry of maintenance or costly equipment. Make your business more efficient with business technology solutions that are easy to maintain and expand as your needs change.

Cloud computing solutions allow you to:

  • Share and edit documents in a unified system
  • Improve business communication and email
  • Make the most of mobile networking
  • Easily upgrade and maintain your software
  • Expand your technology as your business grows

Cloud services from Pendello, including both cloud servers and software as a service (SaaS), are customized to the needs of your business, providing cost-effective and efficient technology that delivers added security while improving your business’s bottom line.

Cloud-based servers

Cloud-based servers

Is your server getting old? Many businesses find themselves at a decision point when their servers reach the end of their lifetimes. Do you replace your servers or go to the cloud?

Cloud servers work much like physical servers, but can provide very different functions and an expanded set of benefits. Cloud-based servers allow you to rent virtual server space rather than purchasing and managing your own physical servers. This allows resources to be easily scaled up or down accordingly, providing increased flexibility and efficiencies. Cloud-based services have been shown to help small businesses that are struggling due to outdated or inefficient business technology systems. Storage, conferencing, and collaboration are some of the most widely used cloud services and applications.

Benefits of cloud-based services for your business

Benefits of cloud-based services for your business

  • Increased flexibility and scalability. Increased resources can be accessed when required.
  • Greater cost-effectiveness. You pay only for what you use at a given time.
  • Easy access to data for employees, wherever they are, using whatever device they want
  • Increased reliability. If there are problems with your servers, resources can be shifted to another available server so that your data is unaffected.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Software as a service refers to software that is deployed over the Internet. Rather than installing and maintaining your own software, you use software that is maintained virtually, freeing your company from time-consuming and costly software management. Your software is managed from a central location, and users are not required to handle upgrades and patches.

Prime candidates for a migration to SaaS include applications that have a significant need for web or mobile access, as well as applications that involve significant interplay between the organization and the outside world, such as email.

Benefits of SaaS for your business

  • No large up-front licensing fees
  • No additional hardware costs in order to obtain the processing power for your software
  • Scalable software solutions that grow with your business
  • Automatic software updates
  • Subscription pricing models that allow you to pay only for what you need, when you need it
  • Accessible from any location
  • Applications can be customized to the needs of your business
  • Because software is updated regularly (and seamlessly), any threats or security risks are addressed much more quickly

Pendello Solutions also offers hardware as a service to help you reduce the need for regular equipment and operating system updates.

Whether your business has twenty workstations or one hundred, cloud-based services can improve your business processes and keep your systems running smoothly — so you can focus on running your business.