Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Business disruptions often lead to lost revenue. Even if your insurance covers some of the costs of a disruptive event, it cannot replace business lost during the process. With the right business continuity and disaster recovery plan, we can help you ensure that unexpected setbacks don’t lead to permanent failure.

The United States Small Business Association estimates that following a disaster, 25% of small businesses will never reopen, and up to 90% will close their doors within 2 years. Make sure your organization is prepared before disaster strikes.

Business continuity planning

Our business continuity planning services will help you evaluate your business systems so that should something go wrong, you already know what to do. Whether you’re faced with a power failure, computer virus, system crash, supply chain problem, or a natural disaster, you’ll have a plan in place that will prevent chaos and get your systems up and running again as soon as possible.

Pendello stores all of your critical information — including emergency contacts, insurance information, passwords, and backups — so that you can easily retrieve critical data in the event of a disruptive event, even if you’re away from the office or circumstances prevent you from entering the building.

Our team of IT experts will work with you to:

Pendello Solutions Conduct a business analysis to identify critical functions and the resources that support them
Pendello Solutions Determine gaps between your organization’s recovery requirements and current capabilities
Pendello Solutions Organize a business continuity team and conduct training, testing, and exercises to evaluate your recovery strategies
Pendello Solutions Identify manual workarounds for critical business functions while computer systems are being restored

Backup and disaster recovery

What do you do when disaster strikes or your systems crash? Is your organization prepared with multiple backup systems — both onsite and offsite — to ensure that critical data isn’t lost following a disruptive event?

Most companies understand the importance of having a reliable backup data system in place, but many don’t test those systems or realize the ways in which many systems leave organizations vulnerable. Pendello’s data backup and disaster recovery services ensure that you can recover and restore critical electronic information in the event of an emergency.

In conjunction with your business continuity plan, we’ll develop recovery strategies for all of your business systems, applications, and data, including networks, servers, computers, wireless devices, and connectivity. We’ll ensure that your recovery strategies are evaluated and tested so that your business is safeguarded from lost revenue, a damaged reputation, regulatory penalties, or even closure.

Don’t wait until your business is threatened by a disruptive event. Contact Pendello Solutions today to make sure your business is prepared for any situation.


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