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Who By, Geoff Smart and Randy Street


What is the hardest part of running and growing a business? As an initial reaction, many people believe the most challenging part of running a business is sales, but in reality, the number one issue that companies run in to is hiring! Did you know that the average hiring mistake can cost a company $1.5 million or more a year? 

That is a lot of money not to mention the time it wastesl! This heavily researched book delves in and attempts to solve every business's number one problem with a proven 90% success rate.


Within this book, authors Smart and Street prove they have the "Street Smarts" to teach you how to avoid your typical hiring outcomes by helping you produce the "A Players" and ask the right questions to differentiate the "A Player" from a B or C candidate. These steps are straightforward and will put you in the right place to be successful.



Lights Out

Sleep, Sugar and Survival by T.S. Wiley


In America, we take the mentality of "Go Big or Go Home" very seriously! We as a nation are one of the top ten most unhealthy countries in the world. We are taking obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression to a whole new level and we're attempting to combat it in entirely the wrong way! T.S. Wiley breaks down the facts of why we are such a sick nation; (hint, we can thank Thomas Edison) and shows us how we all are genuinely dying for a good night's rest!


Just like Pendello President, Mike Jackson, we all should try to fill ourselves with as much knowledge and information as possible! One way to get a great deal of information is to connect with experts. If business technology information is something your brain or business yearns for, contact the experts at Pendello Solutions and let them help you fulfill that need!

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