The Dark Web and COVID-19

The Global pandemic which we are living has affected every aspect of our world. One area that many probably don't think about being affected is the Dark Web. The current state of the Dark Web has a significant impact on the security of our businesses. When considering the Dark Web and the threat it posed before COVID-19, the risk was high, but our world's uncertainty has pushed the Dark Web even darker. Before our Global Pandemic, there were more than 4.5 billion web pages. If you include the entire internet, including the Dark Web, the estimated size is 400-500 times larger. The Dark Web offers approximately 75,000 terabytes of data, and 57% of those sites include illicit material, and 60% of said data could be harmful to organizations. Now, if this doesn't frighten you enough, continue reading as the negative changes in the dark web post-pandemic are worse than a terrifying horror film.


The Dark Web started this year as a place where cybercrimes thrived, but post-pandemic, it is now like a puppy mill for cybercriminal activity. In Q1 2020, there were 1,400 COVID-19 related domains registered, and in March alone, there was a 738% increase in COVID-19 associated terms on the Dark Web. Criminals prey on fear and uncertainty, and with our world being in the state that it is, cybercriminals are benefiting and becoming even more creative.

In the first quarter of the year, 73.2 million new user records hit the Dark Web. The recent excessive growth is very impactful as 267 million Facebook users' data was recently sold for $540. That is a lot of data for very little money. Even more terrifying, 164 million user data records from a dozen of major companies were exposed in one single data dump. These breaches can happen in many ways, but a phishing attack initiates over 90% of breaches. These phishing attacks are incredibly tricky and appear to be legit emails, requests, and domains. The tactics that the cybercriminals are using are proving to be successful. Phishing attacks, including COVID-19 scams, have climbed 667% this year and add to a cybercriminal's already profitable profession. Cybercrimes yield over $1.5 trillion in revenue per year, and the crimes are trending upward.

The Dark Web has grown by more the 300% in the last three years, and the trend is not slowing. Managing and determining if data is already for sale on the Dark Web and monitoring imminent threat exposure is a full-time job. To protect your business, you need the right team behind you. Contact our Pendello Solutions team today and let our experienced team be your front-line of defense.