Technology in Schools

Where is it and How can it help?

There is an abundance of differing opinions of when technology should be introduced to children. No one has a truly definitive answer but there is no denying our children need to learn the ins and out of technology. The technology market is expected to reach $3-trillion this year and our educators along with the help of parents, have a duty to prepare today's youth for the ever-changing future of the workplace. Graduation rates are at an all-time high of 83% but, only 38% of students are college-ready! How can technology assist with today's learning and not distract the students from the necessities of the classroom? With the help of three outstanding foundations: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and EDUCAUSE , the educational authorities now have a set of pillars to help design "personalized learning" for every student to help prepare them for the future and technology is a vital component of helping make this happen.


These pillars, help document every student's strengths, weaknesses, preferences and personalized goals. Each student then is able to create a flexible, individualized learning path that is based on mastery, not time. It then encourages ownership of the learning and goals. These expectations are absolutely necessary if we want to increase the college-readiness of our youth, but this personalized teaching would be nearly impossible for the majority of school systems. This is why blended-learning with teacher guidance and technology support is vital.


Technology software is able to distribute assignments, manage schedules and track each individualized student's progress within the specific learning plan. Many of these programs are adaptive and are able to decipher what a student truly understands, how he/she learns and his/her emotional state. Additionally, technology now allows for students to be more creative in the learning process and even explore tools and subjects that otherwise might not have been accessible! Here are a few new technology learning tools that help support personalized learning exploration:


Summit Learning: (believes) "all students should be equipped with the skills and habits to lead the lives they want. The ultimate goal is for students to graduate school with a deep understanding of how they learn best and a clear vision for achieving purpose and wellbeing in life." "vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra."


ExplainEverything: An "Interactive whiteboard platform where people collaborate, share, and learn without boundaries."


Soundtrap: "Is an online tool that enables teachers to follow the latest curriculums through music, podcasts, language, literacy training and other sound recordings.

A creative environment in which students can collaborate and develop their own creative and communication skills."

Reflex by ExploreLearning: An internet-based tool which "helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division."


Technology is an ever-changing industry and we at Pendello Solutions are very excited to see the school systems embracing this exciting knowledge and learning! We are eager to see how knowledgeable the coming generations will be when it comes to new technologies! Good luck to all of you going through school today and don't forget about Pendello Solutions when you are ready to start looking for jobs!!

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