Your New Apple Products Are Here

September is traditionally an exciting month for Apple and Apple addicts. The Apple new product release this week was similar to years past and did not disappoint. This shining light came through as the uplifting news that 2020 needed. The spotlight this year had a much needed focus on health and affordability. I think we all can agree that affordability and health is a breath of fresh air that we all are craving. The newly released products included fitness, health monitoring and power without a hefty price.

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Innovation in 2020

The Global pandemic of which we are living has changed the world in so many ways. It has altered the way we work, the way our children learn, and most everything we do in our day-to-day lives. One thing it hasn't put a damper on is innovation. We are continuing to see incredible technology pop-up everywhere. Some of the innovations are in response to the current world we live in, and others are brand new, entirely out of the box thinking that is popping up in new devices, software, and applications. Today we are looking at a few of the new devices that are blowing our minds.

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Apple Products on the Horizon

September has traditionally been the month when Apple releases the new iPhone and many other exciting technologies. As we near the month of September, it seems irresponsible to not discuss Apple’s rumored announcements. We have seen hints about a new Apple Watch, a more cost effective iPad and high-end headphones.

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Pendello’s Shocking Discoveries: A Series of Very Cool IoT Devices Designed for Businesses

This month Pendello Solutions is going to take a closer look at the Internet of Things (IoT) designed with businesses in mind. There are a plethora of IoT devices, but most of the well-known devices and intended for personal use in the home. Here at Pendello Solutions, business technology is our business, and we thought many of you might want to learn a bit more about how IoT is shaping the business world.

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Just in Time for Apple Picking: IOS 12

As of last week, Apple had released massive changes to their operating system. This update is one of logic and usefulness unlike many updates in the past that were not always helpful but leaned more on the sparkly side. This round appears to be very well thought out and baked. The changes, in fact, have not only been suitable for the new devices but also seem to be great improvements to the older technology as well.

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