IBM's Watson, Why is it a Game Changer in Today's Business Industry? it one of the robots from Mystery Science Theater or the Smartest Golden Retriever ever?

Watson is Artificial Intelligence. A computer that thinks like you and me but light-years faster and doesn't have the brain-fog from last night's carb-loaded meal. To understand the basis of this, first, take how our search process has worked in the past. Previously, we could do a keyword search that would return a list of content listed in order of relevancy. Watson is different, it is based on Question-Answering technology. Instead of traditional search capabilities relying on computer-based "coding" language, Watson understands actual human languages. According to IBM, more than 100 different techniques are used to understand and analyze natural language, identify sources, find and generate hypotheses, find and score evidence and merge and track predictions. So instead of returning a list of content, it honestly answers your questions.

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And The Password is…

NIST’s Newest Password Guidelines

Gone are the days of the required monthly password changes. NIST, which stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology, released their new guidelines, almost exactly a year ago to date, for password management. These thoroughly researched guidelines are not only recommended by NIST but have also been approved by the Secretary of Commerce. In the past, the recommendation has been to change our passwords monthly and to use extremely complicated passwords which included upper and lower-case letters and special characters. This process definitely had a tendency to lead a great deal of us down the road to a frustrated log-ins which typically ended as relying on a password manager (check back for our upcoming blog) or having to click on the “forgot password” button. We at Pendello understand that Security is not always convenient, but these guidelines are a win-win. They can help protect against the alternative and also make your log-ins a great deal less cumbersome.

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2018, The Year of Flip Phones Not the Dog


We all know that we need to disconnect from our beloved technology. There are many researched and documented reasons why and although we can all view those outcomes differently we cannot deny that even though technology can help us in most of our daily lives, we all need to step away periodically. I think Anne Lamott said it best, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” The challenge is, where do we start? I personally love the new trend of flip phones and how they can help spark the adventure of disconnecting.

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LaMetric, It’s Much More Than a Clock

The smart, customizable dashboard for your life.

At first glance, LaMetric just looks like a typical desk speaker that displays the time, but it is all that and a bag of chips! LaMetric is a dashboard for your business and personal life! With its free app, you can customize it to keep you updated on what is important to you! There indeed are endless options on what can be downloaded.

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