Degree Of Awareness

A story was recently shared with us about a college student and her experience in finding a job.  The student is in graphic design and has a portfolio. When she came across a well-known company that creates sports-branded gear that was hiring, it was something she decided to pursue.  She sent the company her portfolio electronically, and they set up an interview using a chat forum.  They asked a few questions and then asked her to fill out forms that were going to put her in the queue to begin receiving work from them.  She completed each one and recommended this to friends, who were all excited about this opportunity. Everything seemed normal until one of her friends paused when he was asked to give his social security number, address, date of birth, and banking information for payments rendered.

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Don't Delay, Update Today!

It's that alert on your desktop—the "upgrades available" indicator when you check your computer. Or when your smartphone tells you that it's going to update later while you're sleeping, and you defer it to another time. What if you miss an email or a text? You think to yourself; you don't need to do that update; your phone is working fine. Well, unfortunately, that thought is incorrect. You very much need that update.

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31 Cybersecurity Tips for October

It is October, and we have something other than a pumpkin spice latte to get excited about. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Since there are thirty-one days in October, let’s take a look at thirty-one cybersecurity tips.

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Do's And Don'ts Of Remote Work

It is so easy to get comfortable when we’re not in the office. We often lose track of how to keep our data and that of our company’s safeguarded. Whether you are back in the office or still working from home, we all can benefit from a refresher course on safely working remotely. Let’s take a quick look at the “Do’s and Don’ts” of remote work.

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Classes Canceled Due To Ransomware

This past week, Howard University had to cancel classes due to “unusual activity on the University’s network.” As a result, their Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) team shut down the school’s classes for the day to investigate the situation, which they identified as a ransomware attack. This ransomware attack brought to light the consideration of how deep and wide the net can be cast on any one entity. An incident like this forces us to pause and consider the range of data that could be compromised. A university or college is like a mini-city.

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T-Mobile Data Breach

We recently saw the mobile phone carrier T-Mobile fall victim to cybercriminal activity when a hacker accessed the personal data of their users. T-Mobile learned of the breach via claims that were made on an online forum. This breach led to an investigation and the hiring of cybersecurity experts to help with the situation. As a result of this breach, experts were hired at expert-level salaries to write press releases and create web pages with all the information users would need. Additionally, new customer service channels needed to be established to answer questions, and help with identity monitoring for all individuals affected, as well as much more. 

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Cybercrime Trends

Trends come and go, and keeping up with them when it comes to pop culture or fashion might be challenging, but when it comes to cybercrime, you'll likely never be ahead of the hackers. Their ability to adapt their tactics and tailor them to be more effective is constantly changing and challenging to keep educated on.

Recently, Barracuda released a report that reviewed data spanning from May 2020 through June 2021, which analyzed over 12 million email attacks at approximately 17,000 organizations. They discovered that these phishing attacks are increasing in complexity, and the old tactic of fighting them off with rules, blocked lists, or outdated policies is no longer working. The spam tactic of one hacker hitting many users at once is being refined to sophisticated criminal organizations which target with sometimes a single email.

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