Everything in Life is Better with a Waterfall, Including Excel Spreadsheets

A Step-by-Step Guide of the new Waterfall Chart Feature in Microsoft Excel

That scenery would be much prettier without that waterfall, said no-one ever so, why not make your Excel spreadsheets even prettier with the new waterfall chart feature from Microsoft Excel. So maybe waterfall charts won’t make your presentation prettier but it can definitely help you display your data more effectively! Waterfall charts, which are sometimes called bridge charts, are useful to display a running total of values as they are added or subtracted. This can be extremely beneficial for understanding how an initial value (net value, for example) is affected by a series of positive or negative values.

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The History of The Consumer Electronics Show and its impact on Today’s Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show, more commonly known as CES has been around for more than five decades and man has it evolved. It originated as a spinoff from the Chicago Music Show which had itself evolved into “The Place” to see new products and technology. The 1967 show in New York City was set up on 100,000 square feet and had 14 exhibitors. Fast forward to 2017 which marked the 50-year anniversary, the show spanned across 2.6 million net square feet and hosted more than 4000 exhibitors! Not only has the size of the show evolved but so has the caliber of technology! CES 2018 just ended on Friday and just like previous years, the technology showcased was beyond impressive. Let’s take a look at a brief timeline of what technologies have been announced over the years and how this show has shaped our technology today!

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When The Old College Library is Too Far Away, Use “Smart Lookup!”

A quick look at another useful tool brought to you by Microsoft Excel

Gone are the days of trekking to your old college campus to search out the student library to do your research but sometimes we still make our research even more complicated than it needs to be! Instead of opening a new webpage to research data within your excel file, you can actually research, with incredible ease, directly from your excel cells!

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What’s Mike Digesting in January

The Antithesis to, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

January’s look at what Pendello President, Mike Jackson, is currently reading or listening to:

JFK and the Reagan Revolution

A Secret History of American Prosperity by Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic

This fascinating read delves in to the suppressed history of how JFK pioneered supply-side economics and slashed taxes even though his Keynesian advisors advised the opposite.

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Honeycrisp vs McIntosh; Finally, an Apple to Apple Comparison

An In-depth look at Business Grade vs. Consumer Grade Computers

We finally have a true comparison. As many like to say, it is apples to apples here people! But, unless you have opened up a business grade computer and compared the insides to a consumer grade, you’re probably thinking; what is the difference? It is accurate that at first glance, the two computers can look almost identical. But, what you don’t see can make a world of difference, especially in an office setting. Let’s break down the differences.

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Truth or Dare or Maybe it is just a “Tell Me” Search Box….

New and Exciting Changes to Microsoft Office

Part 1: How to Navigate with “Tell Me”

Change is difficult for everyone. When applications are updated, we can become extremely frustrated when attempting to create a document and struggle to execute a familiar task. We find ourselves cursing the new applications but in reality, the changes were typically necessary and luckily, with most application changes, comes improvements. In this multi-blog series, I will break down some new features of Microsoft Office 2016 and how to use them.

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Cybercriminals: They Are Not All Created Equal

The Five Different Categories of Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is big business and the activity is at the highest level ever. Cybercrime is more organized and motivated than at any time in history. The opportunities associated with today’s PC/laptops/mobile devices has helped the industry of cybercrime evolve into an extremely booming business. To better understand the risks that we are up against, let’s understand the five different categories of Cybercriminals.

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