Security Exchange Commission Security Breach

How do we stay safe when the regulators are getting Hacked?

One of the major roadblocks in today’s business world is security. We are constantly trying to stay ahead of the “bad guys” by staying up on the newest technologies to keeps us safe. We even have regulations which, in theory, should keep us safe. But, what happens when those in charge of the regulations themselves get hacked? And, what happens when regulators aren’t following their own protocols?

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Smartphones: Your personal assistant or a covert spy?

Is your smartphone listening to your conversations?

Our smartphones have inherently become an attached part of our beings. For good or bad, they go absolutely everywhere with us. Most cannot imagine being apart from them. (A topic recently discussed in The Wall Street Journal) They are never far away. In fact, we even sleep next to them! But, did you know, these personal little devices that we cannot stand to live without are technically tiny little data recorders recording a great deal of information when most of us have no idea.

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Look Out Slack, Microsoft Teams Puts On The Full-Court Press

Microsoft Teams updates, announced at the 2017 Ignite Conference

Ignite is Microsoft’s annual Technology education conference. It encompasses presentations, ask the expert sessions and hands on labs but one of the most anticipated portions of the conference is the announcement of new technology and updates to current products! This year’s announcements did not disappoint. One of these announcements deals with exciting updates and changes to Microsoft’s Teams application.

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