Honeycrisp vs McIntosh; Finally, an Apple to Apple Comparison

An In-depth look at Business Grade vs. Consumer Grade Computers

We finally have a true comparison. As many like to say, it is apples to apples here people! But, unless you have opened up a business grade computer and compared the insides to a consumer grade, you’re probably thinking; what is the difference? It is accurate that at first glance, the two computers can look almost identical. But, what you don’t see can make a world of difference, especially in an office setting. Let’s break down the differences.

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Truth or Dare or Maybe it is just a “Tell Me” Search Box….

New and Exciting Changes to Microsoft Office

Part 1: How to Navigate with “Tell Me”

Change is difficult for everyone. When applications are updated, we can become extremely frustrated when attempting to create a document and struggle to execute a familiar task. We find ourselves cursing the new applications but in reality, the changes were typically necessary and luckily, with most application changes, comes improvements. In this multi-blog series, I will break down some new features of Microsoft Office 2016 and how to use them.

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Cybercriminals: They Are Not All Created Equal

The Five Different Categories of Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is big business and the activity is at the highest level ever. Cybercrime is more organized and motivated than at any time in history. The opportunities associated with today’s PC/laptops/mobile devices has helped the industry of cybercrime evolve into an extremely booming business. To better understand the risks that we are up against, let’s understand the five different categories of Cybercriminals.

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Modern IT:

How is it different than yesterday’s?

Today, we live in an always connected and dynamic world. IT organizations of all sizes are striving to drive transformation to enable their business and employees. The cloud helps remove complexity, increase collaboration, and get stuff done.

Productivity is ultimately at the center of everything people do! So how has this changed over the years?

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Quick! Click off Amazon, Your boss is looking!

Cyber Monday: When and why was it started?

Cyber-Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, was first coined by Ellen Davis and was based on Shop.org research from the 2004 shopping season. It was discovered that the Monday following Thanksgiving each year was one of the biggest shopping days of the entire year. In 2005 Shop.org released a press release announcing November 28, 2005 as the inaugural Cyber-Monday.

Why is this day such an active day of online shopping?

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The What and Why’s of NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is designed with the intent that individual businesses and other organizations use an assessment of the business risks they face to guide their use of the framework in a cost-effective way.

The Framework is typically customized based on organizations’ unique risk posture (e.g., variance in threats, vulnerabilities, and risk tolerances, and how they implement the practices in the Framework). Organizations can determine activities that are important to critical service delivery and can prioritize investments to maximize the impact of each dollar spent. Ultimately, the Framework is aimed at reducing and better managing cybersecurity risk

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Cyber-Mythbusters: Pendello’s own Cyber-reality series

The what, why, and how of cybercrime

Around the globe, cybersecurity is a constant headline in the news. What is this new digital norm everyone's talking about, and what can we do to stay safe and secure in this ever-changing connected world?

We'll explore 3 common cybersecurity myths, and we'll arm you with the education to help your business understand this ever-growing threat and feel the strength in your expert team to fight back with a strong cybersecurity defense.

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