Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2019: We Came. We Saw. So, What Did We Think?

Microsoft SharePoint has been around since 2001 so many may ask, “Why attend the 2019 SharePoint conference? What could be so different?” The answer is, a great deal has changed. We were thrilled with the announcements from this year's conference! It left us feeling jazzed as we left Las Vegas and we are positive the feeling was not from the bright city lights. It is evident that Microsoft has listened to our requests and has definitely delivered some impressive results.

In years past we heard a great deal about Exchange, but the past buzz about Exchange has shifted to some newer and very exciting tools. At the 2019 SharePoint conference, we heard about new features that are definitely setting SharePoint apart from the rest. The features that we witnessed, learned about and demoed are features we can definitely see our clients being able to not only take advantage of but greatly benefiting from as being a part of Microsoft SharePoint.

Unlike many conferences we attend, Microsoft is excellent at only presenting results which have already come to fruition or are far enough along that the results are within a foreseeable future! For June, our blogs will be focused around a few of the new SharePoint introductions, which we are most excited about. A few of these introductions include 365 Learning Pathways, Homesites and Known Folder Move. Continue Following our blogs for details on these exciting features and as always, reach out to our Pendello Team with any questions about any of the exciting Microsoft products.

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