What’s Mike Digesting in January

The Antithesis to, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

January’s look at what Pendello President, Mike Jackson, is currently reading or listening to:

JFK and the Reagan Revolution

A Secret History of American Prosperity by Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic

This fascinating read delves in to the suppressed history of how JFK pioneered supply-side economics and slashed taxes even though his Keynesian advisors advised the opposite.

His economic decisions spiked the US economy and increased jobs for the long term and greatly influenced and inspired Ronald Reagan’s revolutionary tax cuts in the 1980’s. Within the text you receive captivating historical information while meeting an incredible cast of characters.

Mindlift by: Kasper van der Meulen

Within this self-improvement book you learn that, “The mind is a tool that can be developed through training just like any muscle in the body.” Through this training, “you will learn how to leverage the opportunities of the modern world into a lifestyle of laser-focus, masterful mindfulness and personal freedom.” A fascinating look at how you can “hack” your own brain to improve focus and mental capabilities.

Just like Pendello President, Mike Jackson, we all should try to fill ourselves with as much knowledge and information as possible! One way to get a great deal of information is to connect with experts. If business technology information is something your brain or business yearns for, contact the experts at Pendello Solutions and let them help you fulfill that need!

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