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Cyber Monday: When and why was it started?

Cyber-Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, was first coined by Ellen Davis and was based on Shop.org research from the 2004 shopping season. It was discovered that the Monday following Thanksgiving each year was one of the biggest shopping days of the entire year. In 2005 Shop.org released a press release announcing November 28, 2005 as the inaugural Cyber-Monday.

Why is this day such an active day of online shopping?

At the time of Cyber Monday’s induction, most people still had extremely slow internet at their homes. So, following a big weekend of shopping deals, people returned to work and wanted to continue this shopping trend. In late November of 2005, the New York Times released an article mocking the idea of Cyber Monday stating “millions of productive Americans, fresh off a weekend at the mall, are expected to return to work and their high-speed Internet connections on Nov. 28 and spend the day buying what they liked in all those stores.” So, it is no surprise that over 50% of online purchases on Cyber Monday are made from work computers. This online shopping day that is infamous for online deals that rival Black Friday deals has a massive impact on online retailers. In 2016, Americans hit a new record of spending $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday! But because there are so many employees shopping during business hours on company equipment and internet, a great deal of employers have started monitoring internet use on Cyber Monday; and with good reason! Over half of the workforce polled admitted to spending work time doing their holiday shopping and of this group, 43% of them spend at least an hour shopping! To combat this research, 22% of employers have fired employees for using the internet for non-work-related activities. So, before you jump on Amazon to buy your kids this year’s hottest new toy, you might want to make sure your computer isn’t being monitored.

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