Public vs. Private

What are the Security Differences Between Public and Private Clouds?

The Cloud. The word itself terrifies people. How could something that I am not able to hold in my own two hands be safe? This exact thought is why many believe that the public cloud systems could never be “secure.” If this were true, why would a bankthat maintains over $19-billion of assets move its own HSA program to the public cloud? In this blog, we will take a brief look at the security surrounding Public and Private Clouds.

The constant between public and private clouds is their security relies on how well they are secured. Seems simple, right? Many believe that if they are in control of their own cloud system then it will inevitably be safer and more secure. What people do not understand is that unless you have the correct resources (money and staff) then, attempting to implement and maintain your owncloud can result in the high probability of a security breach. The financial burden does not end once the state of the art cloud environment is implemented. There are constant investments to update these environments to keep the security, resources and configurations as secure as when originally implemented.

This is where public cloud systems leap to the forefront as if they were Superman coming to save Lois Lane. Public Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services,IBMSoftlayer and Google Cloud Platform have the knowledge, experience and financial backing. They can spread the cost of maintaining these secure platforms across all of their clients thus making this a much more cost-effective endeavor. In addition, these systems have endured constant hacking attempts and have learned how to effectively block the most sophisticated attempts. Additionally, the very best people in security typically want to work for the very best. So, hiring the most elite security people and offering them the best incentives is instrumental in the success of these cloud providers and they have the resources and experience to continue this business plan.

As like everything, there are always exceptions to the rule and obviously nothing is 100% but as we watch more and more industries take the leap to the public cloud we are finding that we are not far off from 100%. If you are interested in what the cloud can offer to your business or need help deciding what cloud option is best for you, contact our cloud experts at Pendello Solutions.They will definitely be able to break down the difference between a stratus and cumulus and help you maneuver the weather changes of cloud security.