Modern IT:

How is it different than yesterday’s?

Today, we live in an always connected and dynamic world. IT organizations of all sizes are striving to drive transformation to enable their business and employees. The cloud helps remove complexity, increase collaboration, and get stuff done.

Productivity is ultimately at the center of everything people do! So how has this changed over the years?

In the past, the workforce consisted of:

•Work could only be done from work

•The network was available only at work

•Work had to be done on a desktop PC

Today, work is completely different and employees expect that:

•Work is a thing you do—not a place

•Employees want to use any device for work

•Constant network connectivity

•Consistent identity across all devices

How do we provide this to our employees and thus have a modern, efficient workplace?


It is a new world of business out there and it can be extremely overwhelming to stay on top of the quickly changing trends. The technology business solution experts at Pendello Solutions are there to help. Give the team at Pendello Solutions a call today and let them manage the ever-changing maze of IT for you. They will modernize your business with the most secure and efficient tools available.

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