Missing Your Elementary School Big Chief Tablet?

This tip may take you back to perfecting your handwriting in third grade, but this Microsoft OneNote tool will help keep your tablet notes from slanting off the page! Here is a quick tip on how to stay on point by adding rule lines or grids!

Here’s what you do:

To apply a Rule Lines:

1.On the ribbon, click the View tab. 

2.Then click Rule Lines. 

3.On the pop-up menu, click any style. 

4.Like it? Keep it – or choose a different one. 

Note: Want all new pages to include rule lines? Click “Always Create Pages with Rule Lines” on the Rule Lines (on the pop-up menu) to apply your last used style each time.


For more information on how to best utilize this incredible software, contact the team at Pendello Solutions! The Pendello business technology associates have so many tricks it would make Houdinijealous!!

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