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Microsoft 2007 has Officially Retired

On October 10th, 2017 Mircrosoft 2007 officially retired. (Click here to watch the retirement party) The software did not move to Florida but instead has been placed on a high shelf of Microsoft’s hypothetical storage pod. What does this mean for anyone still running on this 10-year old software? (Other than you are running on 10-year old software!!) Basically, you are time bomb waiting to go off as this product has reached the end of its support lifecycle.

Microsoft will no longer be providing any updates for security or non-security vulnerabilities. Additionally, there will not be any technical support provided; paid or free. The software had an amazing 10-year run but it came out in a completely different decade of technology and we have now moved long past its capabilities. Some aspects of 2007 may work as long as no support or patches are required although many will no long function as they are incapable of connecting to Office 365. For example, Outlook 2007 is no longer able to send or receive mail as it cannot connect to Office 365 mailboxes. Additionally, you could be setting your company up for a severe risk of malware exploitation as flaws in the software will not be patched thus allowing for a possible hijacking of all devices connected to your network.

It is recommended that all users upgrade to Office 365 and leverage continual updates to stay on the latest and greatest functionality. This may seem like an overwhelming upgrade especially if you have been using this software for the past 10 years but there are always experts here to help hold your hand through the process. Contact the technology experts at Pendello Solutions. The team here will help decipher what the best steps are to get your company and its software up to date for today’s standards!

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