Cybercriminals: They Are Not All Created Equal

The Five Different Categories of Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is big business and the activity is at the highest level ever. Cybercrime is more organized and motivated than at any time in history. The opportunities associated with today’s PC/laptops/mobile devices has helped the industry of cybercrime evolve into an extremely booming business. To better understand the risks that we are up against, let’s understand the five different categories of Cybercriminals.

Script-kiddies: These cybercriminals are non-professional cybercriminals. They have little to no business or technical expertise and use “crime kits.” But, be aware, even though this category consists of non-professionals, their impact can still be significant!

Grayhats: This group believes they are offering legitimate services however, their customers can be both legitimate or criminal. The crimes are being run as a business.

Blackhats: These criminals have business and technical expertise and are also executing these crimes as a business. Just like business owners, reputation is everything; especially their own personal crimes.

State Sponsored: These cybercriminals’ crimes are National Security and/or economic motivated. They typically work in a closed group of other professionals and often use blackhat resources and/or techniques to mask their identities.

Hactivasts: This category of cybercriminals is not economically motivated but instead, hack for a social cause. There tends to be technical expertise associated with this group.

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