Everything in Life is Better with a Waterfall, Including Excel Spreadsheets

A Step-by-Step Guide of the new Waterfall Chart Feature in Microsoft Excel

That scenery would be much prettier without that waterfall, said no-one ever so, why not make your Excel spreadsheets even prettier with the new waterfall chart feature from Microsoft Excel. So maybe waterfall charts won’t make your presentation prettier but it can definitely help you display your data more effectively! Waterfall charts, which are sometimes called bridge charts, are useful to display a running total of values as they are added or subtracted. This can be extremely beneficial for understanding how an initial value (net value, for example) is affected by a series of positive or negative values.

Now how do you use this helpful feature to get your point across?

Once in your spreadsheet, select your data then:

  • On the ribbon, click the Insert tab
  • From the Insert Menu, choose Insert Waterfall or Stock Chart
  • Select Waterfall
  • Use the Design and Format tabs to customize the look of your chart
  • If ever you don’t see these tabs, click anywhere in the waterfall chart to see the Chart Tools in the ribbon


As you can see in the above example, the columns are color-coded so you can easily tell positive numbers from negative numbers. Additionally, the initial and final value columns often start on the horizontal axis while the intermediate values are floating columns.

Waterfall Charts are for winners! If you want to be a winner, try out this new tool! Something else that makes winners is having an incredible business technology expert in your court! Now that you know how to use Waterfall Charts the only step left is to get an incredible business technology expert and luckily I have the key to this! Contact the incredible experts at Pendello Solutions and they will help you and your business reach the winning status!

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