Block Your Time to Help Block a Breach

We have spent the past few weeks focusing on security awareness training. We touched on what it is and why it is crucial. Now comes the step for action. For you and your employees to be the strongest first line of defense, you must make time for security awareness training. For as we have reiterated over and over, 95% of breaches are the cause of employee error. So the training is obviously necessary, so now time is the only barrier.

More times than not, after hearing the statistics, we all understand the risk, so we start out very strong. We initially make time for investigations and training. Then gradually over time, we start to forget how eminent the risk truly is and the trainings begin to slide. Security awareness is not something that can be secured at the beginning and then tapered off. When we get lazy with our training and awareness, that is when cybercriminals know it is time to attack. As we have discussed, cybercriminals are always updating their tactics. They're searching for holes and breakthrough at the most opportune time. We, as their potential victims, need to be doing regular training to stay ahead of the game!

We make regular time for so many things in our lives. Whether it is our Monday team meeting, a haircut or even golf, we not only pencil these items in but instead make them permanent. Our security awareness training needs to be permanently placed on our calendars. Without security awareness training, our risk of breach increases exponentially, and our only line of defense can then be reactive measures. In this day and age, reactive measures are not enough. We don't want to end up one of the 60% of businesses that go out of business within 6 months of a breach.

Contact our Pendello Solutions team of business technology associates and let them see how your business currently stands when it comes to security and security awareness. Knowledge can be scary, although the alternative of not know is worse. Let our team customize a training regime for your organization that will get everyone on the same page of security awareness. Finally, you need to get out your pseudo sharpie and block the time on your calendar. If the hackers are studying you, you need to make the time to be ahead of them!