Are You A Teams Expert?

It is 2021, and many of us vowed to be a better version of ourselves as soon as that New Year's Eve ball dropped. I hope you have followed through with your resolutions, but even if you have not, how about if you strive to be a better Microsoft Teams user. With over 75 million active daily users, no matter where you work, there is a good chance that you are using Microsoft Teams. While you're trying to be the best you can be, why not be the best you can be at Teams as well? To be the best, you need to know the trade's real tricks to save you time and energy. Let's take a look at the top keyboard shortcuts to make your use of Teams even more useful.


How do you elevate yourself to a pro-Teams user? You learn the pro-shortcuts.


When you're in a meeting, you do not have the time to research how-tos on minor tasks in a forum. Here are two shortcuts you need to know to heighten your level of proficiency in a Teams meeting.


Mute/unmute yourself: Ctrl + M



Turn on/off your camera: Ctrl + Shift + O

Camera on off

When working with a team member within Teams, you may be casually chatting or deep in serious collaboration. You want it to flow, so knowing the useful shortcuts is essential.


Start a new chat: Ctrl + N

New Chat


Edit your last sent message without needing to click on "…": ^ (That is your arrow key which lies about your "6")

Edit chat


Attach a file to your chat: Ctrl + O 

Attach a file


Finding the "right" emoji to adequately express yourself: :word (typing a colon followed immediately by a specific term representing the category will display additional emojis.

More emojis-1


When working and navigating through Teams, you want to feel like you have a metaphorical compass. These shortcuts will help you feel like you are Magellan.


Moving up and down the left navigation rail:

To reach the Activity feed: Ctrl + 1

To reach Chat: Ctrl + 2

To reach Teams: Ctrl + 3

To reach Calendar: Ctrl + 4

To reach Calls: Ctrl + 5

To reach Files: Ctrl + 6

Navigate Navigation bar

To go directly to the search bar at the top of Teams: Ctrl + E

access to the search bar

To view all commands in regards to navigating: Ctrl + /


Navigation commands


And finally, if this has just wet your whistle when it comes to becoming a Teams-pro…

This action will lead you to the motherland of shortcuts… Ctrl + 

keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts may not be appropriate in navigating life, although they are the path to proficiency in technology. To learn more about navigating more effectively within Teams or any other technology path at the office, contact your Pendello Solutions team. Our business technology associates know the course to efficiency but also walk the trail every day. 

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