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Is Cloud Storage Right for Me?

Why Offsite Hosting Makes Sense for Small to Mid-size Businesses

Imagine for a moment that a pipe bursts in your office over the weekend. You walk in on Monday to find flooding throughout the entire office, but in particular, in the room where all your computer equipment is kept. What do you do?

Time, if only there were 24 hours in the actual workday...

Productivity Applications, will they actually save me time?

Time. There just isn't enough of it in a day. How many times do you end the day with an entire checklist still not completed? We obviously need some help and most of us don't have personal assistants so let's have productivity apps lend us that helping hand! Now, which ones truly will save you time and inevitably save your sanity?

Microsoft Teams: Just another chat application?

Just another player in the Chat Space...or can it truly save you time and add productivity?

We’ve all been exposed to the different chat applications. There have been a menagerie of tries… do you remember Nextel’s walkie-talkie feature? Although effective, it was not great if you needed any conversations documented. Today we have a few effective options: Slack, Hip Chat and now, Microsoft Teams. What sets Microsoft Teams apart from the masses or is it the same old inner-office chat? Let’s break it down so you can make the decision if it is the right step for your inner-office communications?

5 Quick Ways to Improve Outdated IT Practices

Yep, It’s Time to Modernize.

As an IT company, we’ve heard it a million times: “Why do ‘they’ have to keep changing things?”

The mysterious “they” is usually in reference to the IT department, even if the one who actually changed things is Microsoft or the person who designed the app. But while change can be daunting, it’s necessary in an ever-changing industry like IT. Every day, new risks and challenges crop up—malware, phishing scams, day-to-day glitches, etc. That’s why it’s so important for small to mid-size businesses to find a way to keep up with the times and make sure their IT practices can keep up in the current environment.

Not Just for Your House Anymore…

Spring Cleaning Your Tech Inefficiencies

It’s that time of year again—time to clean house. And no, we’re not just talking about under the rug and around the baseboards. We’re talking about cleaning up the IT inefficiencies you’ve been meaning to deal with but keep putting off.

Administrative Professionals Day

3 Productivity Apps to Lighten Their Workload

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, which means if you forgot, now is the time to go pick up a gift for your office administrator. And let’s be real, without an administrative assistant to remind you, you probably did forget. That’s because we rely on them for the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep our lives running smoothly—or at least as smoothly as they can run.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

6 of the Coolest Women in Tech

The technology industry is often something of a good ole’ boys club. There, we said it. But that’s why as a company that works in the computer and technology industry, we think Take Your Daughter to Work Day is that much more important. As of 2015, only 18% of 2015 Computer and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were women. As of 2016, only 26% of the computing workforce were women. And women-led companies received only 7% of venture capital dollars.