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Lions, Tigers and Bitcoin, Oh My!

Cryptocurrency, What the heck is it?

Cryptocurrency, although worth more than gold, the name just doesn’t flow as well as 24karat. I’m positive Bruno Mars contemplated changing the lyrics to: “Cryptocurrency in the Airrrrrrr! Head to Toe Soul Player!” But, since he didn’t and it is a very confusing form of currency, let’s break it down, high level; what is Cryptocurrency and how is it earned or traded?

Milo, A Pendello-Man of Many Experiences. How Exactly Did He Get Here?

If you have had the pleasure of talking or even meeting Milo, one of the many outstanding Business Technology Specialists at Pendello, you know what a gem of a human being he is. Not only is he smart, he has an incredible sense of humor, one of the kindest hearts around, an unrivaled work ethic and an incredible appreciation for culture! The question is, how was he molded to be this way and what drove him to be the technician that he is at Pendello Solutions? Here is a brief excerpt out of a recent interview that will hopefully fill you in on the amazing background of one of our favorite business technology specialists.


A Minimalist Movement or Just Being Green to Save Some Green?

In a traditional office setting, there is typically one physical server designated to one specific action or purpose. For example, there might be a physical server for applications, one for documents, and one for databases. The cost of this technology is compiled of the initial cost of the server, the maintenance of this server and the cost to keep it cooled and powered. This adds up at an astronomical rate and can shoot your IT costs through the roof. What if there was a way to have one efficient physical server running these various actions and applications at once? Now there is, and it is called virtualization.

The Island that 86’d technology

The Pendello Solutions “PG” version of Survivor

We all know the service standard provided by Pendello Solutions but, who other than those knee-deep in Pendello-Love, really know the individuals who support this service standard? Well, luckily after a quick interview with these amazing individuals, you now can see just how eclectic this incredible group is and if you deem appropriate, judge their life saving priorities!

3D V-NAND: is this a new dance craze or new data storage?

What is 3-D storage and why should you care?

We’ve all heard about today’s big data. We are producing information at an unprecedented rate and we now have the need to save more of this data to allow ourselves time to sift through it at our own rate. Up until recently, there was not an effective way to save this scale of data due to space and expense. In the past, data storage has been two-dimensional but Samsung is paving the way for an extremely innovative method of storage. You may have thought that Samsung only did phones and TVS…. or maybe you’re more in touch than I am! Interestingly enough, Samsung has an entire division dedicated to memory! Within this division, they have developed the 3D V-NAND. You may be wondering, is this a combination of the Wobble and the Stanky Leg? But, have no fear, we don’t have to brush up on today’s Hip Hop dances to get a piece of this new technology. Just as the name implies, this new storage innovation is breaking away from our current ways of storing data on 2-dimensonal platters and is now using space more effectively by building memory cells three-dimensionally.

Fitbit vs Garmin

The Fitness Tracker Showdown

We at Pendello love data, and we love data even more when it helps keep us healthy! Fitness trackers are one of the simplest ways to track our physical activity. As we all know, the more consistently we can stay physically active, the better! Fortunately, there are a number of fitness trackers out there but the research can be daunting so we want to help by breaking down the benefits of what we think are the top two budget-friendly fitness trackers on the market.

Attention, Attention, You No Longer Need to Change Your Passwords Monthly!!

Nist’s New Password Guidelines

Woo Hoo! Gone are the days of the required monthly password changes! This is exciting news as I think I was up to Password153!! NIST, which stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology, has released their new guidelines for password management, which has also been approved by the Secretary of Commerce. In the past, we had been urged to change our passwords monthly and to use extremely complicated passwords which included upper and lower-case letters and special characters. I don’t know about you but this always leads me down the road of frustrated log-in as I either have to fully rely on a password manager (see previous blog) or I have to click on the “forgot password” button.