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Don’t Go Towards the Blue Light!

Not Poltergeist silly, just the effects of screen time for Adults

So, there have been umpteen studies about what screen time does to children. And, rightfully so, they are our future. (Cue Michael Jackson’s, We are the World!) The importance of limiting children’s’ screen time is important but, let’s be honest most all 9-5 jobs consist of a great deal of sitting in front of a computer. What is this doing to us and what do we need to know to combat these damages if, that is even possible?

We Like Fun Apps and We Can Not Lie

There are a ton of applications out there but I wanted to hear from the amazing Technology supporters at Pendello Solutions on what apps they love! They are knee deep in technology everyday so their opinions on what makes their lives better holds a great deal of credit! Here are a few that they love and why they love them!

Streaks: This is Pendello’s president, Mike Jackson’s, favorite app. He is the king of seeking constant improvement and this app aides him by helping him form even better habits. It is proven that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit so this app allows you to set up to 6 goals that you want to turn in to “habit.” It keeps track of every instance you complete said task. If you break your “streak,” it resets back to zero.

Waze: If you are often on the road, this app is kind of like having a constant real-time feed from all of your closest friends. “Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.” Waze sends you updates directly related to your current location and tells informs you of traffic hazards, road closings, traffic jams and upcoming police officers! It helps you get from point A-B with as much ease as possible.

GroupMe: This is a mobile group messaging applications where you can create “groups” and as messages, pictures or videos are sent, all members of the group are able to see and respond. Meghan at Pendello loves GroupMe because, “it is a great way to communicate with a big group of people, or have a group chat with your best friends when one doesn’t have an iPhone so the group iMessaging gets screwed up (not that I have a ton of experience with this or anything). It’s also really fun because it’s kind of a mix between texting, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re too lazy to respond, but want to tell someone you liked what they wrote, there is a little heart next to the messages so you can tell them you loved their message. You can also create your own memes from a picture on your phone. And to top it off, if you don’t have access to your phone, you can still use GroupMe on your computer like IM (I don’t do this because I don’t want to feel like I’m back in 2002, but still cool).”

PsExec: This is a non-invasive troubleshooting application that can be used remotely on devices made for Surface. Some of our techs find this app extremely handy because they can run command line through this and effectively troubleshoot without having to be onsite which saves our clients time and money!

Netflix: If you don’t yet subscribe to Netflix, you are definitely missing out. This app is a fan-favorite among most of us at Pendello. After working all day, it is such a reward to sit down and binge-watch an entire season of our favorite shows. Netfliz even has some of their own self-produced content that is killing it!! Apps like this are changing the way we view cable companies and hopefully can continue making the price-gauging cable companies a thing of the past!

ConnectWise Control: This is another time-saver for our amazing techs at Pendello. This app allows them to remotely log on to your computer and act as the remote user to help troubleshoot and train the user. What sets this app apart from similar apps is the speed and flexibility.

Pinterest: This is one of the many social networks but instead of chatting, like many others, Pinterest allows users to show pictures or videos of their interests to introduce others to their likes. It is a great app for many personal hobbies but some at Pendello like to use it for new recipes and creative activities.

MyRadar: This app is our VP of operations, Jill AlJundi’s, favorite app. She says, “It’s a very simple way to filter through all the weather forecasting noise to see literally what’s on the radar, the temp and a simple view of the immediate next couple days. I don’t have time to watch the news or hang with Gary Lezak (although he’s my favorite).”

This eclectic group of applications is very telling coming from our Pendello Solutions team! This group is unlike anything else out in the field! If you want superior service from a group with unrivaled knowledge and communications contact the amazing team at Pendello Solutions. We are happy to help you find the best technology to specifically support your team and help you reach the level you strive to be!

A Little Knowledge About File Sync and Sharing

And no, I’m not talking about Nsync and how your files go “Bye, Bye, Bye!”

Data, we all have it and in the fast-paced business world we all live in, we all need our data where ever we might be at any given moment. But, remember when we used to have to walk around with our flash drives in order to have our flies accessible from multiple places? That worked just fine when we were all using desktop computers or maybe a laptop here and there but, now we all work from many different locations using a multitude of smart devices. What happens when we are out in the field and we need to access the most updated version of your favorite spreadsheet? (Those of you who think…. who has a favorite spreadsheet have obviously not met Pendello President, Mike Jackson.) What about when you need documents and files and you need real-time updates? Screwed…. right? Luckily, just like the human race, technology has evolved! We now have File Syncing and Sharing.

The Internet of Things: What is it and how does it impact you?

What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)? In the simplest of terms, it is the inter-connection of devices which allows them to fully communicate and collect data. When we think of connecting devices we typically think of our smart phones, computers and tvs but the IoT goes way beyond this. The devices that are now being connected include such things as cars, jet engines, coffee makers, refrigerators, heart monitors and soon, potentially anything with an on/off switch could potentially be connected. According to Gartner, it is expected that there will be 20.4 billion devices connected by 2020.

Keylogging Uncovered

Keylogging. Is it a new concept or just an updated version of someone after me lucky charms?

Information and specifically confidential data has always had a price and someone has always wanted to get a hold of it. Documented spies date back in history from 1st century. Espionage continues to evolve and we as users of technology must stay on top of how our data is being hacked. Keylogging is one of today’s modern cyber-crimes but has the same basis as ancient spies.

Getting Fit with Technology

Why can’t getting healthy be as easy and as much fun as getting unhealthy?

It’s summertime which has a tendency to spark an interest in many of us to get healthy. Here are a few of my favorite health and wellness productivity apps.

Spotify Running: Running, the struggle is definitely real. Getting out there is tough and then finding the right music to keep you going and motivate you can be just as challenging! Spotify Running prompts you to start running at your normal pace and then tracks this pace through your phone to pick a song to help keep you going! Music motivation is a definite must!!